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  • Separable cabinet.
  • It is possible to carry in where the entrance is low.
  • A single player's large size triple claw crane machine.
  • A new coin mech (AD-782) is mounted.
  • A new designed main PCB, and a new setting panel.
  • Now it has LED lighting. No more fluorescent lamps.
  • Low price and high income machine proven by many customers.
  • Easy setting and variety coin setting support your operation.


          It can be separated by mounting carry handles. 
????A special wagon for easy wheeling. 
??????Carrying handles are stored inside the cabinet.

  1. Insert coin.
  2. Move the crane to aim a prize.
  3. Press button to down the claw.
  4. Win the prize when the claw grabs the prize and carry it to the prize out.



Players /1
Size/H-2240 W-1260 D-1335mm?
?Upper cabinet size/H-1675 W-1450 D-1160mm?140kg
?Lower cabinet size/H-820 W-1260 D-1335mm ?120kg
Consumed power/140W

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