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Company profile

Company name KNT Co., Ltd.
Head Office 81 Yokoyama-town, Sukagawa-City, Fukushima-Pre,
962-0041 JAPAN
FAX:+81-248-72-9191 (Sales direct number)
81 Yokoyama-town, Sukagawa-City, Fukushima-Pre,
962-0041 JAPAN
Established 1984
President Yamato Matsukawa
Paid in Capital JPY30,000,000
Net Sales JPY4,000,000,000
Business partner SEGA Ltd.
TAITO Corporation
CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
HALOS Co., Ltd.
ROUND ONE Corporation
Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd.
Wide Leisure Co., Ltd.
Eight Leisure Bussan Co., Ltd.
YOUS co.ltd.
Amipara Corporation.
Communication Works Co., Ltd.
(Random order, titles omitted)
Main bank The Toho Bank, Ltd.
The Fukushima Bank, Ltd.
The Joyo Bank, Ltd.
The Daito Bank, Ltd.
The Fukushima Kenshin, Ltd.
Number of Employees 200

Head Office appearance

Company history

1984 June Kita Nihon Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd is Established
1986 June KNT has started to accept orders for SEGA
1989 June PAL MASSER goes on sale
1990 June Switching regulator goes on sale
1992 June RYUDO goes on sale
1993 June HOLLO2 TREMENDOUS(prize game) goes on sale
1995 June ROBOLETTE (prize game) goes on sale
December Capital raised to JPY10,000,000
1998 August First arcade center "Fighter's K'ONE" open (Hachinohe, Aomori)
1999 June DANCING HATS (medal game) goes on sale
December Arcade center "POROS NIHONMATSU" open(Nihonmatsu, Fukushima)
Arcade center "POROS OOMAGARI" open (Oomagari, Akita)
2000 July GOLDFISH CATCHER (prize game) goes on sale
2001 July Capital raised to JPY30,000,000
2002 June MIDNIGHT PARK (prize game) goes on sale
2003 April Tokyo office is established
August Arcade center "G3 POROS TOMITA" open (Koriyama, Fukushima)
2004 March Arcade center "G3 POROS ASAKA" open (Koriyama, Fukushima)
December GARGOYLE SLOT (medal game) goes on sale
MAGICAL MOMENT CO., LTD is established
Arcade center "G3 POROS LOCK TOWN KITAKAMI" open (Kitakami, Iwate)
2005 April Arcade center "G3 POROS AEON KANEGASAKI" open (Kanegasaki, Iwate)
October Food stand "MOGU LOCK TOWN SUKAGAWA" open (Sukagawa, Fukushima)
December Arcade center "G3 POROS HARAMACHI" open (Haramachi, Fukushima)
2007 August DREAM CASTLE (prize game) goes on sale
2008 June Arcade center "G3 POROS FUNEHIKI" open (Funehiki, Fukushima)
2009 August POROS CATCHER TWIN (prize game) goes on sale
September Arcade center "G3 POROS AKITAI" open (Akita, Akita)
2010 February CLUTCH SHOOTER (Basketball game) goes on sale
MAGICIAN 4P(4 players' medal game) goes on sale
MAGICIAN SINGLE (Single medal game) goes on sale
POROS CATCHER BIG (prize game) goes on sale
2011 April Mini Catcher twin GEMINI (prize game) goes on sale
November Big Catcher DECA CRE (prize game) goes on sale
December Mini Catcher GEMINICHI (prize game) goes on sale
2012 June Tako Rush, Mogu Rush (Hitting mole game) goes on sale
August TWISTER (prize game) goes on sale
2013 June GEMINI BIG (prize game) goes on sale
2014 July DECA CRE ALPHA (prize game) goes on sale
October Geminichi Compact (prize game) goes on sale
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